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If you want to join Web Designing Course than connect utilizing the get in touch with us or you can legitimately email us or utilize the telephone numbers to reach us.

website Designing Courses in Shalimar Bagh

Supportsfaqs offers website Designing Courses in Shalimar Bagh by experts. We give you the best quality web designing training and furthermore about website promotion . Our all around organized course modules will give inside and out information on structuring aptitudes. We give you the practical training to all the ideas you learn. We will show you both static and dynamic systems on live projects.


A couple of words about us :- We at supports faqs are gathering of Freelancers in our group we have in excess of 5 yrs Exp. website specialist, visual creator, Flash and ActionScript Developers. we simply chose to share the most required and prescribed proficient aptitudes to every one of those freshers who are pondering for better abilities and pay hikes in the jobs. We held this training camp not for instructional course just however you can stay in contact with us forever time to share your issues and questions about the significant subjects..

Benefits of Web Designing Course in Shalimar Bagh

Web Designing Training in Shalimar Bagh by Supportsfas Institute of Computer Courses empowers the students to get down to earth presentation on site planning. We will give a site and hosting allowed to our students with this course where they can for all intents and purposes execute whatever we educate. At long last all the students needs to present the undertaking in which they need to plan an exceptional and inventive structure.

Get a Free Domain, Website and Hosting with this Course.

This Course is exceptionally founded on the current going meetings (What organization need and searching for in a website specialist.) for website specialists and xhtml-css designers. If you truly need to be the high appraising and inventive website specialist then this Boot camp is for you.

[Note :- Basic Knowledge of Photoshop,xhtml, css and web is required. in the event that you are an amateur pls contact on the given numbers for full course subtleties. ]

Detailed Syllabus of website Designing Course in Shalimar Bagh:

  • Fundamental of Web Page Designing
  • Different Rules of Web Designing
  • Launching a Website
  • Understanding Cpanel and FTP
  • Supporting Browsers for Web pages
  • Client Side and Server Side Scripting
  • Mobile Compatible Web Designing
  • File saving modes
  • Shopping Portals and E-commerce Designing
  • SEO-Friendly Web Structure
  • Different Frameworks in Website Designing
  • Tags, Div and Table in HTML
  • Webpage layout and structure
  • Choosing color combination
  • Choosing Website Themes
  • Image Optimization or Resizing Images
  • Uploading Audios and Videos in Website
  • Doctype and HTML Heads
  • Body and Header Tags
  • Attributes for Background, Bg color and Text color.
  • New tags added in HTML5
  • Margin, padding & positioning
  • SVG
  • Video & Audio Tags
  • Canvas
  • Geolocation
  • Shadow & Gradient
  • Borders radius


  • Advance Drop down menu
  • Creating Drop down with the help of list
  • Text effects with CSS3
  • Building advanced Navigation Systems in CSS
  • Object transformation
  • Transitions
  • Software Installation
  • WordPress Installation
  • Designing sites in WordPress
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Jquery for Mobile
  • Photoshop
  • Logo Designing
  • Vector and Graphic Software
  • Slice Cutting
  • Selection of an area
  • Text tool details
  • Opacity & fill
  • Screen resolution
  • Forms and forms attributes
  • Styling Forms
  • CSS linking types and coding for linking
  • Text, Image and Link effects with CSS
  • Responsive Web Designing
  • Practicing on Dreamweaver and ¬†other tools
  • Final Projects
  • Submitting Projects


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